Wildgayle Puppies born  3/10/17
See candids for photos
Update: One handsome male puppy still available!
Wildgayle puppies are naturally reared.  I raise my puppies this way because I love my dogs and want them to live as long and as healthy as possible.  I believe today's dogs are bombarded with chemicals and toxic poisons, which causes cancer and auto-immune disorders, including allergies, joint disease, digestive issues, just to name a few.
Naturally Reared Wildgayle Standard Poodles look like this:


  • Wildgayle Poodles are fed a fresh, whole diet (species appropriate).  This includes raw meat with bone, organs, nutritional herbs, enzymes, and oils.
  •  Commercial diets are laden with poor protein types, waste products and scraps, which are cooked with high heat and extruded with artificial vitamins and minerals added back in.  Wildgayle Poodles have been fed raw since 1998. 
  • Wildgayle Poodles have never been de-wormed.  Healthy dogs are not good hosts for parasites.  Our puppies have fecals performed before they leave for their new homes, but we have NEVER had a positive fecal in one of our puppies.
  • Wildgayle Poodles are not subjected to flea, tick, or heartworm medications.  These substances are toxic, and toxins do not create healthy immune systems.  We prefer to build the immune system of our dogs, so they don't suffer from these parasites.  On occasion, fleas have been introduced from out side sources and we have treated naturally with diatomaceous earth, essential oils, and other natural products.  We will be happy to work with you to show you how to safely monitor your dog in regard to heartworms and other parasites
  • Wildgayle Poodles have not been vaccinated (exception Rabies -required by law).  Vaccinations cause many health problems, including cancer, arthritis, bowel issues, allergies, skin issues, seizures, behavioral problems and more.  Every vaccine has the potential to kill your puppy or cause a lifetime of misery due to chronic disease, so it's important that vaccines are given minimally,if at all.  If you must vaccinate your puppy we recommend strongly that you only do it ONCE! At 12-14 weeks.  It is essential that only one vaccine is given at once.  The more vaccines given at once, the greater the risk of vaccine associated damage.  Vaccines are NOT necessary to provide immunization!  Gradual exposure of your puppy to the environment along with a quality diet will easily provide him with the immunity he needs to resist disease.  It's important to remember that vaccines don't immunize they sensitize.  The reality is is they over-sensitize and the dog can become sensitized, not only to the injected virus, but to his own body tissues as well.  This is auto-immune disease and a very real consequence to modified live vaccines.
  • Wildgayle Poodles are kept with the litter for 10 -12 weeks.  While this is more expensive and a lot more work.  The puppies are much more confident, calm,  and well adjusted when they learn to interact within the dog pack for as long as possible.
             In addition to the emotional investment, I put into my dogs and puppies, I also invest a lot of thought, time and energy.....

I am looking for like-minded people who want to do the same!

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